One must engage in delightful activities with delightful people and luckily they can be found in Pärnu!

According to my passport, I was born in Pärnu, but to be more precise, it actually happened in Kuressaare. That is to say, my aunt is one of the most beloved midwives in Estonia, working in Kuressaare and since giving birth as a new parent is not an easy mission, many women in our family have gone to give birth in Kuressaare. But I still have Pärnu as my birthplace stated in my passport.

I have been connected to Pärnu all my life. Even after working for a few years in Tallinn, my heart has always taken me back home, so I’ve lived and been active in Pärnu for 31 years. Living here seems the only option to me, as both my home and my summer cottage are here in Pärnu County 😊

Jack of All Trades

I am involved in operating the Aloha Surf Centre, organizing canoe and snowshoeing trips, and developing the Hulkur (Vagabond) Travelling Bar, the activities of which are extending all across the country and now also beyond the borders of Estonia. In addition, there are very good conditions in Pärnu to dabble in my favourite hobbies – kite surfing and pole dancing. In Pärnu you are not part of a big system, but always treated as a family member, whatever you do. When you go out to the sea in Pärnu, you can be sure that many people know what skills and equipment you have got when going out, so when the weather changes or equipment breaks down, you can still feel safe, as people will probably come to your rescue quickly. Also, the pole dance studio Vertical Fitness for example, is one of the coolest communities I’ve ever been a part of. We do a lot of crazy things in the gym where you can’t always be 100% sure of your own abilities. This cohesion and caring for one another, offering support and encouragement to each other, is something not found in a big city (I can say that based on my own experiences and also those of others). Knowing yourself to be safe when you work and do sports makes you work harder, gives you good energy and makes it feel effortless. I have never understood either of the following sentiments: 1) I don’t bother to have a workout, and 2) I hate my job. One must enjoy delightful activities in the company of delightful people and luckily you can find them in Pärnu!

First and foremost, Pärnu is the best place to live and luxuriate in, because there is no such rush and superficiality you often meet in a big city. The small and nice community here makes you feel like a rightful part of it, not merely another cog in a big wheel. People who value their time and relationships live here. I think the inhabitants of Pärnu are a very tight-knit bunch of people, and sometimes it can be difficult for a “newcomer” to click with the locals and succeed. Rather, the trustworthiness of local people is valued here, and friends are often preferred to cooperate with. On the one hand, it makes an initial entry into the community difficult, but after breaking this barrier you can be sure that the established relationship is permanent. If a person has a sincere, friendly and calm attitude to life, the locals will accept him or her with open arms and great things will be put into motion.

Satisfaction comes from having a simple and compact life here

I put great value on the fact that during the day I can manage to do significantly more things here than in Tallinn, for example. I can meet friends, go to multiple meetings, step out the door and be straight on the jogging track. This ensures both satisfaction and success – no time spent traveling long distances and time is of value! Many think great things can only be achieved in big cities, but ask yourself: “What is in fact a big deal”? The big deals for me are the ones that come from the heart and provide satisfaction. Climbing the corporate ladder, getting expensive things can be fun, but by the end of the day, the collected treasure trove of emotions is the only way you can enrich the lives of others. The great thing is to live your life in the here and now, not to wait for a better life tomorrow.

In terms of nature, Pärnu has an ideal location

We have the sea, the river, the forests, the bogs, and loads of opportunities for entertainment. I very much hope that in the future we will know how to use all that has been given to us even more wisely. For example, the Pärnu River – more and more people are using watercraft and I see great potential here for restaurants/cafes along the river. If we entice people off the boat, that means they also consume more products and services than they do on their own boat. I see Pärnu as a true resort city in the future. In order to stay competitive on a global scale, we need to make rapid changes and develop products/services that make Pärnu the most coveted place to be at. Our unique fishing heritage has received little attention so far. We have the beach in Pärnu beach that is fantastic compared to many famous beaches in other countries – it has shallow water, mostly sea breeze, sandy bottom, wide and clean coastline. The services to consume on the beach are currently concentrated in the surf centres, but I see that the whole beach area should also be more enlivened. Summer is the time to enjoy life in the resort town, leaving the winter to the locals for reflection and respite.

Katriin Krimm
Nominee of Pärnu County’s Young Entrepreneur 2018

Katriin Krimm

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