There is plenty of space for everything in Pärnu County: just live, work, enjoy, love, create and flourish!

I was born in the idyllic city of Pärnu and have lived and flourished here all my life. For a while, I went and discovered the world, but still came back. Currently, I am honoured to be the marketing specialist at Pärnu Hospital, the largest employer in Pärnu County. Outside of work, I have dedicated my life to creating and nurturing my own lifestyle company – Positively Inspiring Lifestyle. I am a big dreamer and a profound lover of life, a treasurer of humanity and a connoisseur of simple things. Thanks to my work and hobbies, I am able to enjoy these things daily.

I love living in Pärnu County, but I am also fond of travelling. It is exciting to travel around the world, discover new qualities and skills in myself, be more open to everything and everyone and then apply it locally.

In Pärnu County, there is plenty of room for everything: living, working, enjoying, loving, losing, searching, finding, creating and developing. There is peace and quiet when you want it, and speed and stimuli when you need it. Our happiness and satisfaction stem from our own actions and attitudes. People are also warm, caring and helpful here – Pärnu County makes me feel right at home!

If you are attracted to spaces where you can be creative, to beautiful environment that inspires you to live in harmony with nature, if you relish entrepreneurship and the feeling that your activities really make a difference, then Pärnu County is just the place for that.

Errit Kuldkepp

Marketing specialist, manager and creator

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