Those who have a job and a home in Pärnu County are very happy here.

I was born and raised in Haapsalu, where I lived until 1997. After high school I started living and working in Tallinn, from where I moved to Pärnu in 2013. A desire to change my work and living environment brought me here, as I had been secretly thinking about living in Pärnu for a while by that time. It was a perfect solution for me, and to this day I have never felt like I want to leave.

As an active person, I like that Pärnu has good sports facilities and lots of light traffic trails. It has a sea and a beautiful sandy beach and romantic wooden buildings. I like that there is a theatre in Pärnu where you can actually get tickets to performances. There are also enough people living here that make a certain selection of restaurants and bars viable to operate around the year. And compared to Tallinn, you don’t have to sit in a traffic jam. Distances are short and daily business can be conducted faster. I believe that those who have a job and a home in Pärnu County are very happy here.

In my opinion, Pärnu County has enormous potential. The whole region is developing fast and does not stagnate. With ongoing development and new jobs created, more people will come here. When people come, the quality of life will also improve and this knowledge gives me satisfaction.

Markus Trei

Marketing specialist

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