You can develop your business anywhere, not only in the big cities. Just try to find your individuality!

I can proudly say that I have been born and raised in Pärnu County near Pärnu-Jaagupi. After graduating from the local high school I was able to study abroad and explore the whole wide world, but seven years ago, when my children were born, my life took a sharp turn.

We decided to enter into a business partnership with Riivo and established our family business, Woodbright OÜ, which produces wooden outdoor candles. We started manufacturing in Saku initially, but then moved to Pärnu County, where we still operate today and where we have also built our home.

Establishing a business and a residence in Pärnu County was the right choice for us. Here is my hometown where I can escape from the rush of the big city. Pärnu County is a safer environment for children and the whole family, and everything is well accessible and close by. Businesses also benefit from the excellent location along Via Baltica.

You don’t have to go far to be successful. You just have to think big and put your plans into action. Living and working in Pärnu County is indeed less stressful and more satisfying than elsewhere, because you can do what you really like here.

Eva Laks and Riivo Kruuse

Founder and CEO

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