University of Tartu Pärnu College

University of Tartu Pärnu College has been the flagship of service management education in Estonia for several decades. Pärnu College offers higher education at the guaranteed quality level of University of Tartu, promotes Estonian service economy in the fields of tourism, social services and sports, and maintains and develops academic traditions in West Estonia.

Pärnu College is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Tartu, enabling students to gain broad knowledge through close collaboration with both faculty members and students in the fields of economics, social sciences, psychology and a variety of other disciplines.

The Pärnu-based college is one of the units with the most international learning culture at the university.


Pärnu County Vocational Education Centre

Pärnu County Vocational Education Centre is an educational institution with a renowned learning environment. The wide range of specialties makes the school one of the largest vocational and continuous education centres in Estonia. As the leading economic sectors of Pärnu County are forestry and wood, machinery and metal, textiles, electronics, tourism and hotel industries – the school is prioritising the development of these specific fields. Pärnu County Vocational Education Centre cooperates with Pärnu County Development Centre, local governments, Pärnu Hospital, University of Tartu Pärnu College and with more than 200 companies offering students practice-based training opportunities in all respective study fields.

Pärnu German School of Technology

Pärnu German School of Technology is a private vocational education institution that focuses on European quality and experience. Here you can study the fields of IT, electricity, design and business.

Innovation does not happen by itself, but can be learned and taught. As Pärnu German School of Technology is strongly involved in international cooperation and programs, the nature of this school embodies modern learning methods and innovation. The school is involved in at least four international projects every year.

For those who wish to further their education, the institution also organizes short courses and trainings.

Paikuse Police and Border Guard College of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

Future police officers, border guards, customs officers and rescue workers are studing at the Paikuse Police and Border Guard College. It is possible to study at vocational, higher and postgraduate level at the Academy of Security Sciences.

Paikuse has comfortable learning conditions for students: studying and accommodation in a college dormitory is located within a unified campus area. The school has a dormitory for 300 students, a dining room, a gym and a wrestling hall and three computer rooms. The Police College has the necessary space, equipment, armament and training facilities catering to the smooth provision of a variety of studies.

Author: Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

„School at Hospital“ Project

Launched in the autumn of 2014, the joint project “School at Hospital” by Tallinn School of Health Care, Pärnu Hospital Foundation and the Estonian Nurses’ Association aims to provide people in Pärnu and Western Estonia with an opportunity to acquire nursing education close to home.

Pärnu Hospital provides classrooms and facilities with necessary equipment to offer nursing education, the higher education institution is responsible for organizing the studies and teaching. All the academic activities are conducted on the same basis and volume and carried out by the same university lecturers as at the main structural units of the institution that are located in Tallinn and Kohtla-Järve. The Pärnu study group accepts 30 students at a time and the standard period of study is 3.5 years. Pärnu Hospital also offers internships for the members of the study group in its hospital.

The first graduates of the nursing program with professional higher education at Pärnu Hospital graduated in January 2018. Another study group, well on its way, will complete their hospital studies in the summer of 2020.

Basic Schools and Upper Secondary Schools

Pärnu County offers good opportunities for obtaining quality education. After graduating from basic school, it is possible to choose between various educational institutions with inclination either towards humanitarian or natural sciences. Humanities-biased schools offer, among other things, in-depth language and media education, whereas natural science-based ones teach mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics in-depth, while also providing the necessary knowledge in informatics and economics.

Regardless of the field of study chosen, a variety of elective subjects can be studied in upper secondary schools. No studiously eager child is denied an opportunity to further their education here.

The good quality of education provided by the schools in Pärnu County is also evidenced by the fact that the students of our schools have been successful in the national and international Olympiads, which is a valuable prerequisite for continuing your studies at university level.

Training Courses

We learn throughout our lives, everywhere and constantly. Supplementary training or retraining at the workplace can be provided to upgrade existing knowledge and skills and also to acquire new ones. Continuous self-improvement and life-long learning helps to be more competitive on the labour market and to cope with societal change and technological development.

Supplementary training also includes non-formal education where you can gain knowledge of what you are interested in to broaden your horizons and acquire general skills. Such training is provided by non-formal education centres, folk universities, cultural centres and others.