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It is of utmost importance that children can study near home. The goal of Pärnu County schools is to provide all children and young people with a comprehensive and up-to-date education. There are 10 gymnasiums/upper secondary schools, 28 basic schools and 7 kindergarten-elementary schools in the county, which ensures that there is a sufficient number of study places for all children in Pärnu County schools.

Vocational education based on both primary and secondary education has become increasingly popular. Pärnu County Vocational Education Centre is one of the largest vocational education and continuous learning centres in Estonia, which has developed a comprehensive new curricula and offers an excellent opportunity to acquire a suitable profession. In addition to vocational education, you can also acquire applied higher education at University of Tartu Pärnu College and at the Paikuse Police and Border Guard College of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences.

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Hobby Education

Pärnu County hobby schools and hobby groups at general education schools provide diverse opportunities for students to develop their talents and engage in hobby activities. Sports groups are the most numerous in the county, followed by art and music groups. You can find various sports schools, gymnastics and ballet studios, music and dance schools and even an equestrian school operating here.

There are 12 open youth centres in the county that offer exciting opportunities and facilities for leisure activities. Anyone who wants, can learn to play music or make arts and crafts there.

Exercise and Sports

Maintaining a healthy and athletic lifestyle has always been valued in Pärnu County. It is certainly nice to just walk on the beach and breathe in the fresh air, but there are also various opportunities for the more able-bodied athletes to practice different sports. Facilities for indoor sports such as athletics, tennis and other sports games, are available here. Renewed light traffic tracks entice you to bike, roller skate and skateboard. In winter, ski tracks are open.

Pärnu County also embraces professional and top-level sports activities. The city has an international athletics stadium, an indoor sports hall and a swimming pool, which often host major sports events.

Sports events in Pärnu County


The cultural life of Pärnu County is active and diverse. People from Pärnu and other places have enjoyed plays at Endla Theatre for decades. Pärnu Concert Hall has become a popular destination in our cultural landscape and its visitors enjoy high-quality concerts. Pärnu Music Festival and the Järvi Academy master classes attract participants from all over the world. City Orchestra offers its listeners professional musical delights. Pärnu Museum reflects on the 10,000 years of local history of human activity. Our local song and dance festivals help prepare for national festivals. Art enthusiasts can visit Pärnu City Gallery and the Museum of New Art. Several thematic festivals, concerts, and shows have been launched to enrich the cultural scene here.


Pärnu is a beloved cultural centre, providing good entertainment all year round. The cultural scene here is equally attractive to cultural management professionals and locals, as well as to holidaymakers and culture buffs.

At the heart of Pärnu’s cultural life are Endla Theater, Pärnu Concert Hall, Apollo Cinema and numerous museums and galleries. Fun activities for kids and youngsters include children’s mornings and reading evenings at the library, movies, concerts and lounge nights at schools and many more.

Major events such as the Grillfest Food Festival and the family-oriented Happy Children Festival are annually held here.

Cultural Events in Pärnu County

Healthcare and Social Services

Pärnu County offers equal opportunities to all age groups for living a dignified life. Health care and accessible treatment options are important prerequisites for this. Getting to the doctor must be quick and easy. There are 50 general practitioner/family doctor listings in the county and Pärnu Hospital provides 24-hour medical care.

Taking care of your body and mind is easier to do in Pärnu County, as several of our local spa hotels and health centres are renowned all over Estonia and they are not built just for the sake of tourists. The locals love to pamper themselves at the Wasa Resort Health Spa and the Viiking Water and Sauna Centre, as well as enjoy the health and wellness facilities at the celebrated spa hotels like Estonia, Hedon Spa and Spa Tervise Paradiis.

In order to ensure a decent quality of life for the elderly, several cosy nursing homes have been established in Pärnu County, providing the senior citizens with modern recreation, entertainment and medical treatment options.

Supports and Benefits

Residents of Pärnu County can apply for various benefits provided in the social and educational domains, such as need-based family allowances and childbirth allowances, as well as support for hobby education and activities. Young people up to the age of 30 with higher education can apply for Pärnu City’s Young Specialist Support.

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