For me, Pärnu County has always been home. Other places did not even come to mind

I was born in Tallinn, but my parents moved to Pärnu when I was little. That’s why Pärnu has been a home for me ever since I can remember. After high school, I lived in Germany for a couple of years, studying psychology, but when I returned home, it was clear that my heart still belonged to Pärnu County. I am and will remain a small town girl.

I came back to Pärnu in the spring of 2009 and since then have worked mainly as a psychologist and counsellor. Two years later, I and my partner here founded the Non-Profit-Association Pesapuu to help people who are stuck in their lives for some reason and need help solving problems and moving on.

We work at our association on a daily basis to ensure that members of the community are healthy and able to earn their livelihood. In the course of it we see what people are capable of when they decide to change their lives. I am extremely grateful that I have the honour of witnessing these changes, which also motivates our team to contribute willingly and wholeheartedly to bring this on.

Pärnu County is a place where all the different aspects I consider important to a good living environment are combined: a peaceful living environment that encourages entrepreneurship, good and reasonably sized schools for children and kindergartens – everything is close at hand. Diversity of nature and a range of cool events and entertainment is also a big plus.

Pärnu County is a place suitable for enterprising and brave people. There are many opportunities for those who want to grow, develop and try new things, and why not make good money. For me, Pärnu County has always been home. Other places did not even come to mind.

Evelyn Eichhorst

Psychologist and counsellor

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