Pärnu County is a great place for people who love variety.

I spent my childhood in Tootsi – a small town in Pärnu County – and later moved to Pärnu when I went to study at Hansa Gymnasium. After graduating from high school I worked at Ammende Villa, but after a while life took me on a journey that ended up at the capital’s restaurant landscape in Tallinn. It was a truly exciting time – being the first female manager of the renowned Stenhus Restaurant was definitely the highlight of my career.

When I started my family, I came back to Pärnu County because the city of Pärnu seemed ideal for raising children. My husband is also from Pärnu County and as the surfing fervour has kept him strongly tied to Pärnu, we spent the weekends here anyway.

Pärnu is safe and sufficiently versatile, yet still small enough so you can cover distances quickly on a bike. We really enjoy spending time outdoors, which is also made possible by the abundance of local parks.

For those who love variety, Pärnu County is a great place to live and work at. During the summer, there is always something going on, while in the winter, it is nice to rest attuned to the rhythm of nature and eagerly anticipate the oncoming new season. It is possible to do great things here, as Pärnu’s small size facilitates getting the right people together and working faster.

My husband and I have both set up our own businesses in Pärnu. While organizing the Happy Children’s Festival, I have noticed that Pärnu’s inhabitants are proud of their inventiveness and entrepreneurial spirit, and also appreciate quality, a healthy lifestyle and their green city.

Kati Ruubel

Festival organizer

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