It is good to live in Pärnu County!

Trimtex Baltic OÜ

Trimtex Baltic OÜ started operations in Estonia in 2008. Initially, the company operated in the premises of the former Marat Factory, but in 2017 a modern building was constructed in the North-Western Pärnu Industrial Village.

Trimtex offers the best clothing solutions for team sportswear. Our product assortment includes apparel for orienteering, athletics, cross-country skiers, triathletes and cyclists, among many others. Sales and production are based on actual orders from sports clubs and companies. Our manufacturing unit in Pärnu is involved in product development, order planning and final production and most of our products are exported to our main markets in the Scandinavian countries.

We look forward to employing people at Trimtex whose values are compatible with those of our company.

Our values include: quality that we achieve through competence, responsibility and commitment of our employees; innovation, while continuously developing and valuing knowledge, experience, innovative ideas and technology; caring – we care about our employees, partners and the environment, while being responsible for everyone and everything.

Pärnu is a safe and quiet town with an excellent logistical location. There distances to get from one point to another are short and you can also use both light traffic tracks and public transport. There is a well-functioning network between entrepreneurs and the public sector and the three vocational institutions offer education at different levels. More and more new companies and jobs are being created, which enables people to choose the most appropriate employer and the type of working relationship that suits them best. It is good to live in Pärnu County!

Photo: Pärnu Postimees

Maiu Antsmaa
Managing Director
Location Pärnu City
Number of employees 100
Awards and Achievements Business Newspaper Äripäev’s Gazelle Company in 2015 Business Newspaper Äripäev’s Gazelle Company in 2014 Awards: Pärnu County Entrepreneurship Main Prize - Pärnu County’s Bear in 2014 Pärnu City’s Main Entrepreneurship Award in 2013

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