Awesome people attract other fantastic professionals to Pärnu County

Proekspert AS

Proekspert AS opened its branch office in Pärnu in February 2017. The courage to come to Pärnu was solidified earlier by the company’s initiative of having its summer office here for two summers, which proved to be very popular among the employees. The support and willingness of local authorities was certainly helpful in moving part of the company’s operations to Pärnu.

Proekspert AS is a 25-year-old design and software development company with international clients. In addition to Pärnu, we also have offices in Tallinn, Tartu and Kuressaare, the company currently has over 160 employees. What makes Proekspert special is being a leaderless company, and one of our governing principles is that people can choose to work wherever suits them best. There are already 6 software developers working in Pärnu and there is still room for more of those to join us.

Pärnu has the advantage of a comfortable and safe living environment, attracting people to work here. Based on our experience, we dare to say that awesome people attract other fantastic professionals. For example, a TalTech student with an international background whose permanent work place is in Tallinn, often comes to Pärnu, just because one of the best specialists in his field works here.

Transport connections are the key to choosing Pärnu County as a place to live and work at. Currently, there is no difference whether you drive at rush hour from Viimsi to Tallinn city center or take the speed train from Raeküla to Tallinn. Regular flight connections to Helsinki would also be great after the further development of Pärnu Airport. In the IT industry it does not matter whether you are working in Kihnu Island or in an office in the centre of Pärnu.

Proekspert AS is open to newcomers, especially software developers, quality assurance engineers and data scientists. If you are interested, please contact the company.

Kunnar Kukk
Product Manager
Location Pärnu City
Number of employees 5 in Pärnu, 160+ all over Estonia
Awards and Achievements European Excellence Awards HR 2017: Winner of the Innovation Category "Work 4.0 - work of the future" European Business Awards: voted as Best of Estonia Enterprise Estonia Business Awards Competition: Best Implementer of Design in 2016/2017 Enterprise Estonia Business Awards Competition: Nominee for Enterprise of the Year in 2016/2017 Winner of the German-Estonian Economic Award „Triumph of the Digital Age -Industrie 4.0“ in 2017

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