In an ever more responsible world, the importance of wood keeps growing.

Metsä Wood’s plywood mill in Pärnu

The Finnish forest industry concern Metsä Group is a promoter of sustainable bioeconomy, producing renewable products from northern forests that replace the use of fossil raw materials. The Group focuses on timber supply and forestry services, as well as production of a wide variety of wood products, including pulp, plywood, fresh fibre paperboard, tissue and greaseproof paper.

Wood is a renewable, recyclable and reusable building material, but above all, wood stores carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We are seeking ways to reduce the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but we must also find ways to bind and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Every tree used in construction stores carbon and makes way for a new seedling – a new carbon sink.

Metsä Group is also active in Estonia. Metsä Wood Birch Plywood Mill is located in Pärnu and the finished products produced here are used for a multitude of application areas. Among others, these include packaging and furniture manufacturing, and also the transport and construction sectors, as birch plywood products are suitable for various uses in the vehicle and concrete formwork industries, which demand industrial durability.

The mill in Pärnu was officially opened in October 2018 and at the beginning of 2019, we opened post-production lines that enabled us to expand our product assortment further. Our Pärnu mill is definitely remarkable for being one of the very few companies, if not the only one, in the Estonian wood industry not using Estonian timber in its production processes. We consider flexibility to be our competitive advantage and also our ability to offer a truly extensive assortment of birch plywood products.

What is also noteworthy about our Pärnu production facility is the speed of starting up its operations here. The first production equipment arrived at the mill on January 3rd, 2018, and the first plywood shipments were delivered to the customers already as early as in April 2018. By the end of our first year of operation we also received ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certificates, a remarkable feat on its own. Occupational safety at our mill is also a very important focal point in our daily activities.

One of our biggest success factors is having a well-functioning team, both on the office and production side of our operations. It is truly heart-warming to see everybody’s high level of commitment to achieving the performance targets while also promoting teamwork. Although our people have very different backgrounds, experiences and personalities, we function as a big unified work family.

Metsä Wood welcomes to our team all conscientious wood and manufacturing enthusiasts who want to contribute to the production of high quality plywood. Training takes place on location and the variety of production lines in our plant provide steady development and career opportunities.

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Merite Liidemaa-Pärn
HR Manager
Location Pärnu City
Number of employees 200
Awards and Achievements Pärnu County Entrepreneurship Awards: Pärnumaa Developer in 2019 Pärnu County Employer of the Year 2018 Contract partner of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund Enterprise Estonia Large investor support scheme

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