Pärnu County’s increasing fame as a cider and wine region provides a strong competitive edge both in Estonia and abroad.

Tori Jõesuu Siidri- ja Veinitalu OÜ/ Tori Cider and Wine Farm

Tori Jõesuu Cider and Wine Farm is a family owned company that makes cider from Estonian apples. Since 2014, they have been developing their own orchard farm, growing apples and vines and making cider.

Why in Pärnu County?

Because the family has built its home here and also own the land to grow apple trees on. The family is present at the birth of all their products, from propagating and grafting of apple trees to bottling and labelling the beverages. Tori Cider Farm’s craft cider is made using the traditional method, where fermentation in a bottle and a long maturation process give it a particularly rich, rustic and full-bodied taste.

In the autumn of 2018, the Cider Salon, located in the Cider Farm’s production building, was opened to welcome guests. The Cider Salon is the best place for a traveller group visiting Soomaa to take a short break and enjoy a glass of cider. The Salon’s glass walls overlook the production areas, where you can observe the lively hustle and bustle there, and the various exciting cider making equipment. The Cider Salon is also the best place to buy Tori Cider Farm products, as its host or hostess will help you choose the best product to suit your taste.

Establishing the company in Pärnu County stemmed from the fact that the family had a farm here where they could start building up a cider farm. The fields were suitable for growing fruit trees and the owners were full of enthusiasm.

Ancient knowledge

The cider farm has made fruit and berry wine since the days of grandfathers. Today’s family draws on the experience of its ancestors, valuing the fruits and berries grown on the local, Soomaa soil. An old, wild apple tree that grows in the yard, holds a place of honour, as its golden bitter tasting fruits are used to make Tori Cider Farm’s unique cider. You can also visit a truly authentic Nordic vineyard here.

The big dream of the family – to develop Pärnu County as a recognized cider and wine region – would certainly give Pärnu County a competitive edge over other counties and outside Estonia.

“For those who value a safe living environment, a more peaceful mode of life, uncongested traffic and beautiful summers in Pärnu, it is certainly worth to consider moving to Pärnu and starting a business here,” concludes the hostess.

Tori Jõesuu Cider and Wine Farm welcomes jobseekers who respect working in the country and embrace the philosophy of a rural life-style


Location Jõesuu Village, Tori Municipality, Pärnu County
Number of employees 2
Awards and Achievements Estonia’s Best Organic Product in 2016 Best Baltic Traditional Cider in 2018 Ciderworld (Frankfurt, Germany) Best Sparkling Fruit Wine in 2019 (3rd place)

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