There are plenty of jobs and lucrative business opportunities for everyone in Pärnu County.

Laesti AS

AS Laesti has been operating in Pärnu County since 2008, continuing the activities of its predecessor AS EWP. Pärnu County is rich in forests, a good starting point for Laesti sawmills, as we produce sawn timber from round logs. We are located in the immediate vicinity of Via Baltica, which facilitates road transport, but Pärnu also has a port that enables easy export of goods by the sea.

Today, we employ 100 line operators, electricians, automatitians, mechanics, accountants and warehouse keepers, lift truck drivers and many more. If you are willing to work, then we are waiting for you!

As everywhere else, the success of a business depends on the people who work there. For the work done in 2015, we received the 2nd place in the Business Newspaper Äripäev’s list of TOP 100 companies of Pärnu County and in 2016 were awarded the main prize – the Pärnu County’s Bear – at Pärnu County Entrepreneurship Awards competition.

The people of Pärnu County are generally cheerful and open. How could it be otherwise, when you work in a resort town? In case you still have doubts about whether to move to Pärnu County, we strongly encourage you to make that decision and take the road to Pärnu. There are plenty of jobs and lucrative business opportunities for everyone here!

Thousands of people pay hundreds of euros every year to relax in Pärnu and enjoy its good ambience. Why not come to live and work here, in order to enjoy every day for free what others pay a lot for?

Heikki Tang
Sales Manager
Location Pärnu/ Pärnu County
Number of employees 100
Awards and Achievements Pärnu County Entrepreneurship Awards: Main Prize Pärnu County’s Bear in 2016 Business Newspaper Äripäev: Pärnu County’s TOP 100 Companies (2nd place) in 2015

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