Pärnu County has a great central location between two capitals – Riga and Tallinn.

Edelstein OÜ

OÜ Edelstein has been producing unique stone surfaces since 2004. We produce everything that can be made of stone, from simple shelves to worktops and complex pieces of furniture.

Precise details and exquisitely finished products are important to knowledgeable customers. This requires collaboration of the entire team, world-class technology and the best possible processing skills for the production process. With proper care, Edelstein’s high quality stone products last from generation to generation.

The company currently employs eight people. Pärnu is the home for most of our employees, as the company is located in Audru, Pärnu County. We put high value on people being able to work close to their home because being involved in family life contributes to having a generally well-balanced life, which is very important.

Pärnu County is a growing business hub between two capitals, Riga and Tallinn and operating here is an advantage for us. However, our factory is located in a very peaceful area, where our employees can be creative, far from the daily rush and stress.

In potential jobseekers it is important for us at Edelstein that a person is first and foremost a “team player”. Because we produce specialty stone products, everyone is enabled and encouraged to develop themselves to be on the same level with the rest of the team. In order to be the best in our field, you need to be familiar with modern technology and keep up with technological innovations in the stone industry.

It is a pleasure to work in Pärnu County because the pace of life is considerably calmer here than in Tallinn and our children can grow up in a much friendlier environment. Beautiful sandy beaches and great sports facilities are just a short drive away.

Merle Laidro
Manager and Founder

Location Jõõpre Village
Number of employees 8
Awards and Achievements Pärnu County Entrepreneurship Awards: Innovator of the Year in 2016 Audru Municipality’s Enterprise of the Year in 2015 Pärnu County Entrepreneurship Awards: Developer of the Year in 2007

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