Upon the initiative of the Association of Local Authorities of Pärnu County, Pärnu County Development Centre devised the Pärnu County Development Strategy 2035+ and its appended action plan for the period of 2019-2023.

The county’s development strategy reflects the will of municipalities and their councils and thus of the whole society to ensure better competitiveness of the region through smart specialisation and innovation based entrepreneurship and rapid, balanced and sustainable development.

Along with the renewed development strategy, an action plan was prepared for the implementation of the strategy in the coming years. The action plan reflects the essential and crucial steps needed to be taken to reach the more distant goals, as well as the initiators, partners and provisional implementation time.

The action plan for the coming years has been drafted until 2023, to be annually reviewed and supplemented by the stakeholders. Regarding the technical infrastructure, the action plan was extended until 2025 due to the extensive volumes of preparation and investment required in developing the infrastructure objects.

Publication and Implementation of Pärnu County’s Development Strategy

All seven municipal councils of local authorities in Pärnu County have approved the development strategy “Pärnu County 2035 +” by passing the following regulations:

  • Lääneranna Municipal Council’s Regulation No 36, on 15.11.18
  • Saarde Municipal Council’s Regulation No 31, on 28.11.18
  • Pärnu City Council’s Regulation No 52, on 29.11.18
  • Häädemeeste Municipal Council’s Regulation No 31, on 29.11.18
  • Põhja-Pärnumaa Municipal Council’s Regulation No 62, on 19.12.18
  • Kihnu Municipal Council’s Regulation No 17, on 19.12.18
  • Tori Municipal Council’s Regulation No 44, 20.12.18
  • Multilateral agreement for implementing the Development Strategy of Pärnu County 2035 +

More detailed information about the Development Strategy of Pärnu County 2035 + is available at request from the County Development Manager.



Heiki Mägi

County Development Manager

Phone: 504 0491

E-mail: heiki@parnumaa.ee