Pärnu County’s Development Centre promotes healthy lifestyle choices and proactively contributes to the overall safety and security in the county.

The important indicators of quality of life are spiritually and physically healthy people, clean natural environment, secure work environment, universally accessible health sports opportunities and the readiness of the police and rescue services to provide a safe living environment for all of us and in all walks of society.

Our goal is to keep people happy and make healthy lifestyle choices easily available to all target groups during their lifetime. As a result of our joint efforts, Pärnu County becomes the best place to live, study, work and rest, offering high quality of life.

The main activities undertaken to promote health and safety in Pärnu County are the following:

  • Coordinating the Health and Safety Cooperation Network across the public, private and third sectors
  • Supporting the implementation of national public health and internal security activities in the county
  • Preparation of a countywide health and welfare profile action plan
  • Health and security related counselling and training for local authorities
  • Development of a healthy working and living environment
  • Promoting the importance of mental health and preventative measures
  • Raising the awareness about the necessity of physical activeness and shaping of attitudes
  • Endorsing healthy food choices
  • Launching the cooperation network to increase the availability of local food in catering establishments, workplaces, public institutions and educational institutions
  • Supporting health-promoting kindergartens and health-promoting schools
  • Extending the network of health-promoting employers and overall health promotion in enterprises
  • Cooperation days in municipalities to promote healthy and secure communities
  • Implementing health and safety initiatives and projects

More detailed information on health and safety initiatives and various events can be provided by our Public Health and Safety Specialist.



Merle Einola

Public Health and Safety Specialist

Phone: 5566 7906

E-mail: merle@parnumaa.ee