Pärnu County’s Development Centre supports the development of tourism in Pärnu County and provides assistance to companies operating in the tourism sector.

Our main activities are:

  • Content management and development of visitparnu.com website
  • Content management and development of Visit Pärnu Facebook pages (in Estonian, English, Finnish and Latvian)
  • Participating at domestic and international tourism fairs and promoting Pärnu County’s tourism sector
  • Management and regular updating of the photo and video banks depicting Pärnu County
  • Compilation of Pärnu County’s image and service publications
  • Participating in different tourism projects (countywide and international)
  • Coordinating the daily work of Pärnu Visitor Centre
  • Training and events for entrepreneurs

More detailed information about tourism in Pärnu County and opportunities and events will be provided by our Tourism Sector Coordinator Hando Murumägi.



Hando Murumägi

Coordinator of Tourism Sector Services

Phone: 5558 9211

E-mail: hando@parnumaa.ee