The Entrepreneurial School is an educational program established in 2006 and is aimed at integrating entrepreneurial learning into the school system to improve the quality of education and thus the success of young people in life.

Entrepreneurship education aims to instil in young people an entrepreneurial attitude to life. Throughout the learning process, each teacher can encourage young persons to adopt the „I can do“ attitude to life and thus become brave initiators, who seek new solutions, have a high degree of motivation, cooperate with others, are goal-oriented, achieve results, are responsible and caring, able to analyse themselves and bring to completion the activities they have started.

Implementing the entrepreneurial school model enables the educational institutions to:

– link what students have learned at school to actual real life situations, by doing practical things and not only simulating such activities;

– successful cooperation with parents and partners;

– make teaching more interesting;

– bring sparkle to the eyes of both pupils and teachers alike;

– contribute to the local community by actually doing something for the greater good.

The Entrepreneurial School network comprises educational institutions that have set the goal of fostering entrepreneurial attitude in their educational establishment by teaching entrepreneurship in accordance with the national curriculum.

Since 2016, the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research supports the implementation of the activity „Systematic development of entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurship studies at all levels of education“, by co-financing the programme through the European Social Fund.

Contact Person at Pärnu County:

Viivika Vilja

Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Project Manager

Pärnu County Development Centre

+ 372 502 9214