For linking students’ career planning with the business and employment opportunities available in Pärnu County, schools organise study trips to enterprises. These visits to companies enrich the teaching processes with real life examples, providing young people with an overview of the exciting job opportunities in their home county and enable them to make more informed career choices.

Many companies in Pärnu County are willing to welcome students on their study trips to company premises. To ease the schools’ work burden in planning and organising study visits, we have aggregated the data of such companies and their contact persons into one database, which can be found  HERE. The database for study visits is constantly updated.

Before planning your visit, please pay attention to the terms and conditions of the arrangement and the available times for study visits. To arrange study visits to enterprises, the school representative must contact the company’s contact person.

Pärnu County Development Centre provides Pärnu city and county schools with free transportation for students’ study trips to enterprises and educational institutions. Additional information about ordering free transportation can be found HERE.

Study trips are co-financed under the conditions of the European Regional Development Fund’s (ERDF) “Regional initiatives to promote employment and entrepreneurship”, EU50915 Developing entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learning for young people at the schools of Pärnu County, in 2017-2019.