It is a well-known fact that women have slightly different attitudes and expectations in starting and developing a business than men. Studies have shown that women need more support and encouragement. On average, 65-70% of entrepreneurs in Estonia are men, while women’s entrepreneurship is on the rise.

The aim of our activities is to encourage women to become entrepreneurs and to raise the awareness of women as entrepreneurs. The aim is to increase the number of female entrepreneurs in Pärnu County, to support cooperation among entrepreneurs and promote the business activities of female entrepreneurs. The overall goal is to increase the entrepreneurial activity in Pärnu County by supporting female entrepreneurs, to promote the growth of business volume and the number of jobs created.

The events are for those entrepreneurial women who are already in business, but also for those who are just planning to start a business.

The purpose of gatherings is to share experiences with other women, get new knowledge and inspiration to develop your own ideas, and perhaps the opportunity to find clients and partners among other female entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in such topics and events, contact or join the Pärnu County’s Entrepreneurial Women Facebook group.