I recommend living in Pärnu County – it can be truly positively amazing.

I was born in Finland, in a small town called Kuusankoski. In 2015, I was invited to become the CEO of Hedon Spa Hotel in Pärnu. Our family’s second home is in Helsinki, as my husband works there, but we get together every weekend and very often do that in Pärnu County because my husband loves Pärnu as much as I do.

I have worked in the hotel business for many years and Hedon is the tenth hotel for me to run. So far, this is the most beautiful building I’ve ever worked in.

It is very nice to live in Pärnu County. You can find all the services and cultural events you might need here. The city of Pärnu is safe and beautiful, providing enjoyable experiences and impressions every season. Pärnu is the right place for food aficionados, as the restaurants here are of really high quality. For those who enjoy golf, Pärnu County has marvellous golf courses to play at.

I recommend living in Pärnu County – this can be truly positively amazing. I was genuinely surpised myself!

Sari Sopanen