Pärnu has its own lovely quirks!

I was born and raised in Pärnu and have lived here in two phases of my life – until my 20th birthday and then again from 2014 until now.

In Pärnu I am more involved in cultural management, more specifically in the management of the Culture Club Tempel. I do it because cultural management is my specialty and music is my biggest passion. For me, Pärnu County is primarily a home, but also a set of goals. I feel a certain sense of responsibility and mission to make life here better, more culturally enriched.

Regarding Pärnu County, I can state with absolute certainty that this is the best place to live and rest. My biggest determining factor in establishing a home in Pärnu County has been my work and that strong sense of mission. Pärnu has its own nice quirks, and the saying “it is better to be a big fish in a shallow pond than a small fish in a big one” certainly rings true here.

Andres Tölp