What is a business incubator?

An incubator is a creative and entrepreneurial environment for all businesses – a place where we help the incubating companies to develop until they are ready to enter the market with their products or services or raise investments for further growth.

Who are welcome to join us?

We welcome companies that have a clearly defined business idea and an ambitious business model (registration into the incubator can be done up to 3 years after setting up the company), who wish to develop and find new markets. Preferably, the company to be incubated already has a team in place.

What do we offer?

The company that enters the incubator will be offered support at the start-up and growth phases of its business. We will help the company to achieve commercial goals through an individual development and mentoring program that lasts for 24 months. The programme is divided into take-off, growth and export modules, concluding with a review of achievements and setting of further targets.

At the end of the programme, the company has either developed a specific product or service, has a solid client base, a stable revenue stream and a functioning team that is able to support its future operations or the company has raised additional investment to finance its further development still as a start-up.

Where is the incubator located?

The incubation programme is currently carried out virtually, by utilising all modern technical means of communication, thus offering the start-up companies and mentors very flexible cooperation opportunities.

More detailed information about the incubation services in Pärnu County will be provided by our Incubator Project Manager.

Kaydi Tomson
Incubator Project Manager
+372 5650 4164
e-post: kaydi@parnumaa.ee